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Incense and Offering

Psalm 141:2 NLT

Accept my prayer as incense offered to you, and my upraised hands as an evening offering.

Here in this division of the Psalm, the psalmist is asking for rescue and wisdom. The desire to see theend of evil is sin the heart. Although he may not actually have incense in hand nor uplifted hands, the heart and the posture for these is what he desires to do. Prayer and praise two important weapons of defense in the aresenal against depression, disappointment and failfure. Let everything that has breath give God praise. Draw Him near in every situation. Expression of dependence on God through prayer and the response of prayer will go far in your persistance to remain focused on the greater things ahead in Christ Jesus. God knows the plan and it is a plan of hope and future with the expected end just for you! Trust God, Praise God and most inportantly talk to God , He will hear and He will answer you! The fragrance (incense) of prayer and the sacrifice (offering) of praise will get God's attention everytime!

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